Dr. Faria is a gifted physician and healer. She understands that skin problems are generally a symptom of underlying issues. In my case, Dr. Faria has been thoughtful and diligent in helping me put together pieces of an extremely complex health puzzle going far beyond a skin rash. Using an integrative approach to healing, she leans on her extensive experience, but explores new, cutting edge protocols, especially on challenging conditions like mine. Dr. Faria is beyond kind and compassionate. She truly has a calling to help people get well, Working with Dr. Faria, I have seen huge improvement. I give Dr. Faria my highest recommendation.


Dr. Faria is the most caring doctor I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. When I first started seeing her in 2016, I had a complex health problem that all of the other doctors I had seen could not improve. My health baffled them and me. Dr. Faria immediately impressed me with her combination of intuitive and Western medical approaches, and with her help and my trust in her, I am now well. She is unlike any other doctor I’ve ever known and far more successful than the ones I have known with her unique approach to health. Far from a symptom chaser, Dr. Faria gets to the root of a problem in a steady, logical way, focusing always on lifestyle contributions to any health challenge, and often uncovering their unexpected causes. If you are willing to be a partner in your own wellness, and open-minded as to the path to get there, you can do no better than Dr. Duyen Faria.


I first met Dr. Faria a year ago, while receiving AO Scan optimization under another doctor’s care. The quality time Dr. Faria spends with her patients has allowed her to identify the root causes for my symptoms that many others have missed. Through using both the AO Scan frequencies and IV Minerals/Vitamins, I have gained a quality of life I didn’t have before. I am most grateful!


I met Dr Faria in 2017 when, after a serious fight with an auto-immune disease, I had a terrible outbreak of cystic acne over my face and neck. It was hard enough to get up every morning after a restless night’s sleep, due to the deep and throbbing pain of the cystic acne. But to have to go outside and see a new physician for this issue was unbelievably humbling. When I first saw Dr Faria, I was in tears. However, Dr Faria saw that there were deeper issues than just the cystic acne going on; she has an amazing way of knowing how to treat the deeper root issue of any symptom. It took several very difficult months and a variety of medications, supplements, and very dedicated dieting/cleansing, but the pictures speak a thousand words. I went from being covered in cystic acne to having clear, beautiful skin. Also, with Dr Faria’s help, we diagnosed several deeper issues including PCOS and the MTHFR gene mutation, that gave us excellent insight into how to keep our success a consistent and long lasting success.

Dr Faria is unbelievably smart and always incredibly helpful. I consider her a friend and I trust her completely. I’m honored and grateful to have met her. We, as her patients, are all incredibly lucky to have found her!


I have been reflecting on my blessings for the past six months, among many others I have had, the one I want to share, is my wellbeing lately. I give 100% credit to Dr. Faria.

The care she has provided me for the past several months has taken my health and wellbeing to the next level.

I have been on some supplements and vitamins before, but after she took care of my hormonal imbalances, WOW! It was a life changing experience.

My memory, level of energy, hair growth and even vision and Sex Drive are improving significantly.

I want to express how genuinely grateful I am, and I can cite my experience with Dr. Faria at DNA and associates as among my blessings!

She is always available and easy to be reached.

I feel welcomed and comfortable knowing she has the right training and competency to take care of me as a whole.

Dr. Duyen Faria inspires me by her passion for the wellbeing of men and women by Hormonal Replacement and IV Vitamins/minerals, and by her wealth of knowledge/professionalism.

I give kudos and the highest recommendation to Dr. Faria and everyone at DNA!

She is a great asset for our community.

With lots of Gratitude!

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