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We are exposed to thousands of toxins every day that can severely impact our ability to maintain our health. Daily assaults by these substances on the body can cause it to be ‘out of tune’ and promote “dis-ease” resulting in chronic pain, multiple complex illnesses, and reduced quality of life. Those effected travel from doctor to doctor frequently spending many hours and significant financial resources in search of relief.

Are you one of the persons who is struggling with such chronic conditions? Have you visited multiple doctor’s offices? Spent too many hours in unproductive appointments? Even with the best MRI/ultrasounds and expensive blood tests, have you still been unable to determine the root cause(s) of the symptoms or discern beneficial treatment options? AO SCAN DIGITAL BODY ANALYZER may provide the answer in your search for the root cause(s) of your “dis-eases.” It can also be used as one of the treatment tools for you.

What does the AO Scan Body Digital Analyzer Do?

The AO Scan provides fast and precise, detection of a wide variety of disorders and generates easy-to-understand results. This advanced technology detects abnormalities in frequencies of cells, tissues, and organs throughout your body. The abnormal frequencies are often key indicators of symptomatic distress and “dis-ease”.

Every cell and organ in the body has its own distinct vibrational frequency. When the frequencies are disrupted, whether by injury, diet, stress, or emotion, it can bring about a disruption/weakness of that organ’s biological function. The AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer resets the body’s frequencies in order to restore optimal health and/or to prevent disease from manifesting. Over time, with repeated sessions of frequency optimizations, disruptive frequencies can be replaced with healthy vibrant frequencies, thus improving the body’s performance, reducing the body’s symptomatic toxic burden and greatly enhancing your physical, emotional, and personal wellbeing.

What is an AO Scan Body Digital Analyzer?

It is an advanced, noninvasive bio-resonance computer software package developed by INNERGY. This computer software uses German Resonance/Radionics technology that provides a thorough physiological and emotional analysis of the body. It is designed to ‘tune’ your body’s energy patterns scientifically and effectively with subtle, harmonious frequencies. This reprograms disharmonious frequencies, hidden deep in your physiology, and balances your bio-terrain. It thereforereduces the effects of toxins on your body. The results are improvement in quality of life for such conditions as:

  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Insomnia and Other Sleep Issues
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Chronic Pain
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Food and Environmental Allergies/Sensitivities
  • Autoimmune Diseases.
  • Tickborne Illnesses and Other Pathogens

The AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer is part of our comprehensive, restorative, wellness plan at DNA Associates. We use the AO Scan to detect the root causes, in combination with genetic blood testing, and/or hormone testing, and/or toxin/chemical testing. We then optimize the frequencies with AO SCAN sessions, IV nutrition, detoxification, food or chemical allergy/sensitivity elimination, hormone optimization, and nutritional supplements to improve many medical conditions and promote overall wellness.

What to Expect From an AO Scan?

Anyone 10 years or older can benefit from the AO Scan. It evaluates the entire body’s fields to detect the abnormal frequencies from illnesses and chemical toxins. When we enter more comprehensive information about your conditions, it can generate a customized radionics session, and optimize these specially detected frequencies to bring about harmonies (please note that this therapy is not suitable if you are pregnant, nursing, subject to seizures, or have a pacemaker or other programmable device(s) in your body).

To start the process a headset (much like earphones for your computer/cell phone but works by bone conduction rather than auditory stimulation) will be placed on your head and positioned at your jaw bone. The initial scan will only take about two minutes to complete. After the scan is complete, the next step is a frequency optimization. The frequency optimization helps to create custom frequencies based on the feedback from the body. The machine then returns these optimized frequencies back into the body at the calculated duration to correct the imbalances detected during your initial scan.

Once the frequency optimization is complete, a 24-page vitals scan report is produced. A Vitals Scan report establishes the body’s baseline by scanning over 3,000 items, referencing over 80,000 points, and analyzing over 250,000 pieces of data that are broadcasted back and forth into the body. The points are queried 15 different ways to confirm their accuracy. This report divides 650+ areas of your health into 47 categories like environmental and food allergies, bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic diseases, heavy metals, genetic markers, hormonal imbalances, GI disturbances, eye health, kidney function, reproductive function, and more. The final report consists of two scans presented side by side: your original scan and the scan after your frequency optimization. This is done to show which areas improved and which areas still require attention. The report also specifically looks into amino acids, vitamins, minerals, parasitic load, and collagen index; this information helps to determine the correct nutraceuticals that are needed to bring the body back into balance.

The final stage of the scan is the Comprehensive Scan analysis. This analysis utilizes the AO Scan database, an “encyclopedia” that provides us with information on how certain issues can affect different parts of the body. Comprehensive analysis allows us to pinpoint exactly where your previously discovered challenges are in your body and how they are impacting your glands, organs, tissues, and systems with the following options: Arteries, Veins, Specific Areas of the Body, Organs, Connective Tissues, Eyes, Heart, Lymph, Nerves, Muscles, your Skeleton and Chromosomes. By testing each of your results against a pre-recorded counterpart in the database, the system can then create a specific, long term frequency optimization program to correct those challenges.

Repeated sessions are necessary to bring about greater functionality, productivity, increased quality of life and a general overall sense of health and wellbeing. Many people have experienced exciting and profound changes in their lives. Whether using the AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer for general health including mental outlook, positivity, immune support, relief of pain, improved sleep patterns and less fatigue or more specific issues including organs, body systems, pathogens, and allergies, the AO Scan provides safe, non-invasive, encouraging results that many chronically ill patients are searching for.

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